Writers Write

You can guess from the title what's been taking up my time lately.  Luckily spring isn't in full blush here yet, and I have time to write before I can go out and take some shots of the seasonal change.

I've been submitting stories to anthologies and magazines in the meantime, but I don't know if any of them are going to be published yet.  It can take months for a response to come for a piece of work, so in that time I just keep writing and writing.

After thinking for so long that I needed to write a novel, short stories are a revelation to me.  I enjoy writing them a great deal, and I've found a lot of inspiration in them.  I used to fret that the word limits would be hard for me to describe all the details, but I think it's helped me become a better writer.  If I can describe a scene in plainer terms then it is easier to see all around, and I can go on to more important dialog or action.

But even though I'm deep in the process of writing, I still have a few new arty bits of news.  I'm still working on some fabric designs, though they are slow going.  I think a few new pieces on spoonflower might be printed soon, so there may be a few more new selections for sale there.  The printing process for samples is taking about 2-3 weeks now, so even if I order a sample well in advance, I don't get it for about a month.  So expect new fabrics every other month or so to go on sale.

This is one of the newer fabrics.  I developed this one with a friend and it's called Adelaide watercolors.  It was an exciting project to take on.  I made and designed the fabric based on some ideas my friend had about a character she likes to write called Adelaide.  We talked characterization and background, and I came up with a few different designs for her, but this was the first.  This is also one of the fabrics that should go on sale soon.

adelaide watercolors

I also have a gumroad account now, so you can buy downloadable items like my Presets from there.  Gumroad is a direct download, so you can get all your files instantly.  It's quick and simple - I've gotten lots of resource and media files from there.  Visit my gumroad page.

That's all for now.  Have a good week friends.

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