Paint, Paint, Paint

I've been on a painting kick lately.  It's been all paint and organizing around here.  I've been painting both watercolors and with acrylics.  These acrylic paintings are getting pretty big in here, and I hope to finish three more by the end of March.  You can see my progress with them on my instagram.

My watercolors are a little more modest, but no less satisfying.  Here's a beautiful floral print that I made into fabric (and is available on Society6 as a print and accessories) called Petals and Joy.  Click on the image to go to my spoonflower page.

Petals and Joy

As for the organizing part, I've made no secret that I want to sell my house and move someplace closer to my family.  This is the year, I hope.  Organizing and cleaning are the first steps in packing, at least it is for me.  I'm determined to make this move a much less hectic move than the last two I endured.  The memory of them linger even though we've been in this house for almost six years.

Where will we go?  Where the wind blows us, I suspect.  A lot has to do with timing this year, and jobs, of course.  I also need to have surgery on my other eye and my last wisdom tooth removed, so there's going to be a lot of outside issues demanding my time this year.  But I am ever positive, these things are for the best for my health, as is my prospective move closer to home.  

For the time being, my etsy shop is closed so I can work on organization and my new painting projects.  My etsy shop demands the most attention of all my shops, because I have to handle the printing and packaging.  However my spoonflower and society6 stores are still open and are getting new items added as I make them.  Please check them out!

Art and Cookies