Cabin Fever

It's always in March that I start to get cabin fever.  The urge to go out and do something, anything outside is great, but the weather is not always obliging.  This is the time of year when I start to dream about a vacation to a sunny and far away island paradise, but alas, aside from my honeymoon, I haven't gotten one of those trips yet.  Does anyone else feel this way in March?  Every year it rolls around again and I start dreaming of places to go and cloudless skies with warm sunshine.

So here I am in March, thoroughly ready for a vacation.  I'm not going to the islands yet, but I've got a new fabric to share.

victory coral

This is Victory Coral, a revision of one of my older prints for the weekly challenge on Spoonflower.  This challenge was to use a limited color palette, coral, black, white and mint to make a design.  When I redid this, I went in and cleaned up some of the design itself while putting down the new color.  I really like how it came out, though I wish I had made the mint a little more prominent.  Regardless, the heart motif in the design is nicely brought out by the dark background and works well with the coral and white. Victory Coral will be available for purchase in April (probably) after I receive a sample to confirm it looks as good in print as it does on my screen.

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