Spring Inspiration

Spring, despite my allergies and related crankiness because of them, is a great time of year.  It's always when I feel the most energized with relation to my work.  I love the possibility contained in spring and how it makes me seek out new creative opportunities and inspiration.

This year, I've got inspiration coming from all sorts of places.

Uppercase Magazine - I love Uppercase and subscribe to it.  It's so nice to get it in the mail full of stories of interesting makers and all kinds of different creative disciplines and art.

Instagram - This is one of my main methods of social media.  I love instagram, and find it really refreshing to see all the different people and things going on in my feed.  Locally, I don't know many other artists, but Instagram has helped me find others that like sharing their work and life through pictures.

Travel - Back in March I wrote about having cabin fever.  I feel like spring is the season that kicks off my wanderlust, shaking off the comfortable feeling of hibernation that fall settles upon us. In the spring, I love going and seeing and doing in new places after the long cold months.  When I'm planning (or writing), I find wikitravel a helpful tool.

Clouds - I have been looking up into the sky a great deal lately, and watching the clouds.  The ethereal nature of cloudy skies has started to turn up in my work, from painting to just taking more pictures of lovely cloudscapes.

What's inspiring you right now?

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