Premier Lightroom Presets Bundle

Hi all!  This week in Rains on the Plain professional news, I've bundled all four of my Lightroom Presets into a discounted bunch and put them on sale in my Gumroad store.

The Premier Lightroom Preset Bundle by EM Beck

This is a set of all four of my Lightroom Preset Bundles for sale in my Gumroad store.  The picture above are just a few previews from these collections.  It's a discounted set - separately it would cost $118 for these packs, but the Premier Bundle is only $92.  There are almost 100 presets in this bundle, and it's a savings of over 20%.

I've talked a lot about how I edit photos in the past, and these are tools I've developed to streamline my workflow.  Adobe Lightroom is one of my all time favorite editing software - which is probably why I've made so many Presets for it.  But seriously, it couldn't be simpler to use, install the presets according to the instructions and then you're one click away from edited photos.

We're getting into summer vacation time and the days are getting longer.  If you want to put an extra special spin on some of the travel and family photos, try using Lightroom and some presets to edit them.  You'll be hooked in no time!


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