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A while back I offered some free background wallpapers for download here on the blog.



Hi all!
I'm writing on the other side of a successful eye surgery.  I am recovering well at home. 

Let me tell you, my spirit is so light.  I feel so much better.  Things feel like they are turning for the better in my life, and it is making my smile reappear.   I am eager to go back and start some new work, even though we're still in the process of moving.  This change is so inspiring y'all!  There is so much relief in my heart too, now that I'm done with both eyes.  I don't worry about losing my livelihood anymore, or slowly watching the important moments in my life shift out of focus.

It's been a healing time, and I'm so happy to share it with you all!  Things are starting anew, and here's a budding picture to symbolize it all.


A New Still Life

I've been thinking about doing some more still life photos recently.


Another Montreal Visit

Hi friends, I'm going back to Montreal again this week for more eye surgery.  Hopefully this will be my last eye related trip there.  But in the meantime, I've been reading some great books on Black and White photography, and I decided to revisit one of my Montreal photos from last year and redo it in Black and White.


Back to Black

A favorite older photo of mine.

Taken with a Pentax K100 D in my early days of taking digital photos circa 2009.

On Taking Breaks

One of the best pieces of writing wisdom out there is to write something, then stop working on it and put it away for a while to come back to later with fresher eyes.  Honestly, I think that applies to any long term project.

It's hard to step away from doing your job - especially when it's one that you've created for yourself and that you love.  But it is also necessary to do so every once in a while.  This past weekend I stepped back and I'm not ready to come back yet.  I have a lot to do that has little to do with my work, and finding time to balance it all has been a challenge.

So enjoy a picture while I am on a break this week, getting everything back together and resting.


Slush Pile: Steam on a Horseshoe

Another picture from this past winter's visit to Horseshoe Falls.  This picture was edited in Lightroom with my new preset "Breeze" and then in Photoshop with the texture "Spring Green" from the Dramatis Set I.

I'm still busy packing up my house.  Hopefully for not too much longer.