A New Still Life

I've been thinking about doing some more still life photos recently.

As much as I like the fun of this photo, I'm thinking more about flowers.  Like below.

That's a hydrangea in a teacup.  It's pretty in color, but I was in love with this in black and white when I took it.  Now, I'm thinking a little hand coloring might be in order.

I love flowers, and I haven't had enough of them brightening up my days lately.  It's been work and moving and various health concerns.  Not enough stopping to enjoy the flowers.  I miss them, miss capturing their unique colors and shapes on film.  Much of my fabric that I design has floral elements, even if they aren't all florals.  The shapes and colors of flowers are deeply inspiring to me.  I think it's natural to want to go back to taking pictures of them.

Yes, as I recover from my eye surgery, I think I will start planning a new batch of flower photos, of still life photos that feature my beloved florals once more.

What do you love to photograph?

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