New Fabric For Sale

Here's a few new fabric designs of mine that went on sale this month on Spoonflower:

Winter Trees

This one is called Winter Trees.  Click on the design to be taken to the page.  I drew this mainly for myself because I like the look of bare trees and the different colors of them seemed wintry to me.  I wanted to use this design as liner paper for my cabinets.


I'm in love with Rancho Gordo beans.  They have a magnificent color, texture and taste and I always enjoy what I get from there.  It's a bonus that these delightful legumes also photograph extremely wel so that I can share them with you.

I took these a while ago in my kitchen as I eagerly prepared the beans for cooking.  Pictured are Orca beans (the black and white ones) and Rio Zape beans (the purplish ones).  While they are lovely to look at, they taste even better.  I should mention that I'm not affiliated with Rancho Gordo, just another fan of their offerings.


The Sun

During my time away, I had the chance to take a double-decker tour bus around the city of Montreal.  It was a fun experience.  I liked the perspective I got from being up top of the open air vehicle, learned about the city and went to many different parts of it, and got some decent pictures.

This photo is of the Museum of Fine Arts, but more specifically of a piece of art outside of it entitled "The Sun" by Dale Chihuly.  (The same piece is on the artist's homepage, but I think it's illuminated there.  It looks fantastic.)  If you're familiar with his glassworks, the style is immediately recognizable.  I snapped this photo as we made a brief stop in front of the famous museum.

It's a gorgeous piece.  I wish I'd been able to see more of it and the rest of the museum, but Montreal is still there.  I look forward to going back.


Just a quick note to say that I'm back from my travels for the time being.  My etsy store has reopened and my stock gallery has been updated with some travel pictures for sale.

I was getting a little road weary at the end of my trip, but I am missing it now that I'm back in one place.  It always feels like there's never enough opportunity to do all the things I want, even if all the things is just relaxing and walking around - can always use more of that in my life!