I'm in love with Rancho Gordo beans.  They have a magnificent color, texture and taste and I always enjoy what I get from there.  It's a bonus that these delightful legumes also photograph extremely wel so that I can share them with you.

I took these a while ago in my kitchen as I eagerly prepared the beans for cooking.  Pictured are Orca beans (the black and white ones) and Rio Zape beans (the purplish ones).  While they are lovely to look at, they taste even better.  I should mention that I'm not affiliated with Rancho Gordo, just another fan of their offerings.

Even if you don't love beans the way I do, you have to admit these are pretty things!  I can't actually remember how I made either one of these two types, but the Rancho Gordo website has a few helpful preparation tips under the descriptions of each type of bean.

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