Authentic 2015

It's been a while, hasn't it friends?

Last year I had vision problems, which meant that I had to take a whole lot of time off to go deal with them and the doctors that came with them.  It meant moving away from my art and accepting that I might never see clearly again.  It's not over, even after my treatments and everything else.

But I have learned a few things since then, and I've done some cool stuff.

The anthology that features a story by me was published at the end of September in ebook. I am so happy to share that with you, though I don't know when the hardbacks will come out.  You can purchase it here, Spellbound is an anthology of retold fairy tales.  My story is "The Four Skilled Sisters".

Another important thing I've done recently was take a class on painting.  If you've followed me on instagram, you've seen a lot of paintings.  You'll see a lot more.  I'm not finished yet with painting or anything else.  Hopefully finished paintings and prints will make it into my shops and maybe even become fabric.

This is just a work in progress, friends.  I think the final project will be full of more fun colors and shapes.

I've got plans for this new year that I'm so grateful to have.  Not all of them are about photography or painting, or even writing, but a lot of them are.  I love my work, and I love growing and changing with it.  I want to bring more of it to you.  But this year I've resolved to take better care of myself.  This painting process taught me a lot about that, about self-care and listening to the voices deep within.  It takes so much to create and put yourself out there constantly.  We have to give back to ourselves sometimes.  I need to take trips that don't include a day out for photography.  I need to go on and do things I've been putting off out of fear and uncertainty.

My 2015 is about being authentic and brave and inspired.  My best to you as you pursue your resolutions.