Hitting the Road

This year has flown by, and suddenly we realized that hadn't been on vacation in far too long!  All work and no play leads to no inspiration to keep going.  So even though this trip has more obligations than just a chance to kick back, I'm headed elsewhere for a short while.  Only my etsy shop is closed while I'm gone, the other shops (society6, gumroad) are still open for business.

Of course, you can follow me on instagram for travel photos.


Slush Pile: Trees

Sometimes a hike in the woods under a clear sky is just what the doctor ordered.  The colors came out great in this picture, and really captured the spirit of the day.  But since neither the subject nor a focal point are clear in the photo, it's one for the scrapbook and not the storefront.

Have a good week!

Instant Downloads

I've set up a new section of my etsy shop for print at home instant downloads of photos.  These are for those times when you just can't wait for them to be delivered, or you have a frame that desperately needs filling.

Banish blank walls instantly!  I love the idea of this, being able to print it yourself and have that instant gratification.

These are different pieces than I offer regularly, and there will be more coming in the future.


Work In Progress - Nebula IX

I've been working on this piece for a while.  I can't remember what nebula it started out as a depiction of, since I started it about a year ago.

Lately, I've been thinking about what the surface of a moon or exoplanet might be like.  I really want to paint the topography of such a place.  An alien environment from our own solar system could be such a great challenge of imagination to create and paint.

Some time ago I bough Flora Bowley's book, and didn't make time to read it until recently.  It's so inspiring!  With yoga poses and passages on intuition and thoughtfulness, it's as much about spirit as it is about painting.  It's an enlightening way to look at the process of creating art.  My paints don't get much use, my watercolors for patterns are about all I do in traditional media these days.  In the past I've used both oils and acrylics, but never did traditional space art with either.  I'm thinking of applying some of her creative ideas and direction to a space art painting done in traditional mediums.  It will at least be fun to try!

Slush Pile: Lake George

Here's a photo I took during one of my trips to Lake George.  It's cropped to just one corner that didn't have obstruction, so it's not really printable.  But it's such a lovely scene, I wanted to share it.  This black and white was done with one of my Lightroom Presets, called Beloved.

Mars Stripes & Updates

I listed this pattern, Mars Stripes in my Society6 shop recently.  It's a fun, textured pattern, a play on big horizontal stripes that's a little faded and otherworldly.  It looks really great on the products.