Free Background Wallpapers

A while back I offered some free background wallpapers for download here on the blog.

They're both available again for pay what you want in my Gumroad store.

Still recovering, and doing well.  It's nice to have some of my sight feel like it's returning to me.  There are days when everything is a bit blurry, but to tell you the truth, my vision is better now than it has been in years.  Both my surgeon and regular doctor confirmed that my eyes are much improved from the way they were before, and that's just so calming to hear.  I can't wait to get new glasses again.  I still have my old ones to use when I have need, but I'm not driving right now and I don't want to tire out my right eye, so I use them sparingly.

It's a hot, beautiful summer out there.  I hope you all are enjoying it.


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