Spring! Finally!

Spring came late this year to my neck of the woods.  I live in Massachusetts, and as you may remember, we had a lot of snow this year.

Even now with all the snow gone, the seasons don't seem to want to make up their mind.  It's warm, humid and sunny with a cold breeze.  Nights are humid and cool.  It's spring, in all of it's glory, just a little late this year.

As a nature photographer, this late spring is kind of a blessing.  I'm enjoying it, though the pollen is bad.  I wasn't able to leave my house for two weeks during the winter, because we kept getting snowed in.  I didn't want to take pictures of the snow that came all at once.  Before the end of January, there had been no snow on the ground here.  Then, there was far too much.  For me, summer and winter tend to take better pictures when they are near their beginning or the end - a winter scene with beautiful ice melting is always gorgeous, and summer on the horizon of spring is like bright sun coming through at long last.

Spring always reminds me that there is more to love about winter.  Winter wears on (and this year it went on and on, a little past it's normal departure date), and it can be difficult to bear towards the end. Spring is beautiful, with little shoots of green through ice and snow, and pretty blooms just when I'm weary of the grey landscape.  All that snow and cold is worth it, in the end.

Whether spring is just a memory (for those in the southern hemisphere) or a rainy mess (hi mom!), or if you're enjoying it like I am, I'm always glad for the changing of the seasons.  New photos, new scenes and new opportunities.  A season seems to go on just long enough for me to say, 'okay, I'm ready for the next one' and that's a great thing for my work.

Do you have a favorite season?  Does your work (like mine) depend on them?

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