Fabric Retrospective

One of the things I really enjoy about working is making up new fabric patterns.  I've shared quite a few of the ones I've made on this blog, but I'd like to do a small retrospective of some of my fabrics.  All of them are available on Spoonflower, and most are not just fabric, but wallpaper and wrapping paper as well.

These were some of my first fabrics that I made and put up on Spoonflower.  I remember spending an especially long time on the pink geometric fabric.  It felt like ti took forever to first color by hand and then scan in and redo in photoshop.  I really like them still, but my skill has improved over time.

This is a fabric I called 'Vena' in the goldenrod colorway.  I loved it a lot when I made it, and still do.  It was one of my first brocade inspired fabrics.  I drew it on cardstock first and then scanned it in to digitize it in Photoshop.

This is actual printed fabric called "Bao".  It was another intricate piece drawn first on cardstock and then scanned in.  It came out very pretty and I still sell it in a variety of colors.

This was a fall fabric that I called "Fall Leaves".  I made this  color pencil leaf drawing to enter a contest on Spoonflower, but I think I was a day too late in posting it and thus it was never entered.  I later redid it as a smaller, ditzy print that I like a lot, but isn't for sale yet.

This is "Cora".  At the time when I made this, I was experimenting with texture and tones in my fabric design and moving away from the intricate brocade inspired designs I had been making.  This was also when I made several plaid prints.  These, unlike their predecessors were all digitally made, so no retracing was required.

Many of fabrics cross over and are sold as prints and products on Society6.  I especially love these watercolors.  They look good as fabric designs or as accessories like pillows and clocks on Society6.

Royal and Argent

This is one of my later designs, an ornate piece that I call "Royal and Argent" for the colors.  This was a return to hand drawing for me.  I printed this when Spoonflower had a limited run of special fabric, and I love the way it came out.  The colors are rich and festive and beautiful.  I am saving the fabric to one day make a pillow for my couch.  

Thanks for taking a look at my past designs with me.  It's always fun to review the things I've done and see how I've grown.  I can't wait to look back again when I have more designs to share with you.  Most of these are available for purchase in my Spoonflower shop and some accessories in my Society6 shop.

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