Essential Lightroom Presets

I've released a new set of Lightroom Presets in my Gumroad store, and these are my Essential Presets pack with some of my favorite tools.  Check out this preview!  I love this set so much!

A photo from Montreal edited with the High Contrast Color Preset

This is one of my favorite sets because it contains tools that are absolutely essential.  The presets within includes tools to dampen loud colors, correct exposure and to sharpen a photo.  There's one black and white high contrast preset (previewed below) and a sepia tone (also below).

There are 12 Presets for Lightroom in this bundle, and it costs $18.

Horseshoe Falls, Ontario
A quick lesson in Lightroom Presets - Adobe Lightroom is a photo editing software.  Presets are tools a user can install that are used to develop a photo with just one click.  In my process, I use Lightroom to make initial adjustments and then move on to Photoshop to make further edits, if they're warranted.   Lightroom really is my favorite photo editing software, because it's so easy to use.  I very much recommend it!

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