Preset Preview

It's hectic here at Rains on the Plain!  My studio (and life) are busy busy busy right now, with many different projects (and laundry, always laundry). I'm working as fast as I can this holiday season, and I've got plenty planned for the new year.  My black and white collection of Lightroom Presets are still in the development phase, but I thought I would give you a preview of a new one.

This is Lo-Fi, a filmy black and white with subtle blue tones in the highlights that give it a dreamy, vintage look.

I also wanted to answer a question I got through email just in case anyone else was wondering - I do plan to make Photoshop tools in the future, but I haven't developed any for sale yet.  Hopefully 2014 will bring forth some Rains on the Plain actions and brushes for PS.  Until then, my presets and textures are available in my etsy shop.


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