Piper the Pillow

If you've been keeping up with me on twitter, you probably noticed I added a few more things to my Society6 store.

Some of my spoonflower designs have made it there now and are being used on accessories.  Like my Piper print on a throw pillow and Clary as a tote bag.  There's also mugs and wall clocks with these patterns (and my photography) them, so if you'd like to stick to making your own pillows and bags with spoonflower fabric, feel free.  My S6 store has lots of accessories and prints to choose from.

I really like the way these new textured pieces have come out.  I'm not sure where the inspiration has come from this winter, but I like it.

As for my spoonflower shop, I've just ordered a new batch of test swatches, so I should have a good size group of new designs going on sale there soon.  I've already started work on more new designs for there to be added in as they're finished.

Happy Monday everyone!


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