Rush, Rush

Alright, I have a confession.  I've been playing Saints Row IV a lot recently, and I don't think I"m going to stop anytime soon.  I don't normally play games where you have to drive, for some reason the controls always make me react too slow, but Saints Row and its particular brand of fun work for me.  I admit I like the fourth game a little more because you have super speed powers and can run instead of driving as much.

I've played through Saints Row The Third and started the second in the series (just a note - this is not an ideal way to get through the series.) and have a good grip on the storyline.  Not that you need it, because I think The Third and IV were meant to be played without too much foreknowledge of the rest of the series.  I just really like them.  They came from a place that was a little grittier to become more lighthearted as things went on.

Anyway, video games make a large portion of the way I spent my downtime.  I also read a great deal, sometimes I get bored of one or the other and start gaming/reading more heavily, but the two are always there.  I like watching the visual story unfold in a game, especially one as silly and crass as in Saints Row.

So what does my love of games have to do with Paula Abdul?  In Saints Row IV the characters sing "Opposites Attract" together.  Which is a great song, but Rush Rush will always be my favorite Paula Abdul song.  Not too many months ago, I found out my husband hadn't seen the Rebel Without a Cause inspired video for Rush Rush, starring Keanu Reeves.  That had to be remedied immediately.

I've loved this song since it came out and I was recording it off the radio.  Some days I wake up with it in my head, like today.  It's great background while I ink another new fabric design.

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