Too Busy!

Hello Fall!

I knew you were here when all the kids in my neighborhood started trudging to school at ungodly hours and the warm nights started to fade.  It's very nice to see you again!  You know how much I adore you, but honestly, I can't keep up right now.

You see fall, you beckon to me with your cool breezes and wonderful colors.  I want to be outside and snapping away, taking photos left and right before the trees all get bare and we have to welcome winter.  But I'm a little busy right now.  It's a sad compromise we make as adults, being busy with work in its various forms.  We pay a heavy price to be considered grown up enough to have ice cream for breakfast.

Ahem, my questionable eating habits aside - I'd like to note I'm expecting visitors as well.  Aside from the work that's keeping me busy, the arrival of houseguests make it feel extra important that I finish the projects I half started and abandoned in the heat of the summer.  That said fall, I will try to enjoy as I'm outside sweeping the walkway and bagging leaves.

Just one little tiny favor fall - you know I'd never ask this if I didn't adore you, but I have to speak up. I was really getting used to those longer days and now before you know it, the dark has descended outside.  So maybe you know, a little less of that for about a week or so.  Nothing drastic, just a little longer evening so we can enjoy the decent weather.  Just think about it, old friend.  And before I go let me say thanks for allt he fantastic pictures I have managed to get.  Not so much this year, but definitely last, because fall you've got colors that would make Spring jealous, if it were the jealous type.

tl;dr - I'm truly busy, so no new fall photography as of yet.  Hopefully soon.  Enjoy some old ones below.



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