Nerdy by EM Beck - that book stack represents all I've been able to do this week besides sleep.

Hey everyone!

My February fabric designs will soon be available for purchase on spoonflower, as will all the colorways of my Bayou fabric.  I'm actually really excited to start my March designs, I have such great ideas for them.  A friend of mine indulged me in asking a few questions for inspiration, and I've got some great new ideas.

That's about it for me this week.  I've been plenty sick recently and mostly taking care of that.  Like in the picture above (Nerdy) I've been trying to use the time in bed to work my way through a stack of novels, with limited success.  But hey, at least I'm up and about once again!  Provided that I stay on the mend over the weekend, I'm ready to get a lot done next week.

Happy Weekend!

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