Penny Plaid

This is Penny Plaid, a design I made yesterday and put on Spoonflower.  I've long had a love of plaid patterns and colors (I'm wearing plaid from LL Bean right now), and I really like this combination.  I picked the colors from Adobe Kuler, as I have been for my other plaids as well so I'm reasonably confident that they'll look alright together, but you never know with plaid.

It's fun to make, and I like being productive during my time inside the house.  Since I got home on Tuesday night, I've been taking it slowly, and working on whatever needs to be done.  There's a few more plaids up and some photos that I am getting to, but no huge rush of work right now.  It's a nice break.

I'm looking forward to spring for the first time in a long while.  I need to get my last wisdom tooth out, so there's that to contend with, but hopefully getting rid of it will cut down on my sinus infections.  The house is slowly coming round again, and I've been pinning new ideas for both the outside and inside, though the outside needs far more work.  (Follow me here)

Also one of the best things I can say about recent days is that I've been writing a lot, and reading a good deal.  I've recently become enamored of Aurthurian legend, far more than I have ever been interested in it previous.  It's so much fun to read the stories, but I love the thought of a happier ending for Guenevere and King Arthur than they get in the stories.  Of course, there are other problematic parts of the stories, but the BBC Merlin does a good job of rewriting it.  I've been toying with the idea of writing a short story of my own, but I think it would be about Gwaine and not Arthur.

Back to work, back to work.  Have a good weekend!


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