It's hard to get that sense of calm that is so necessary to create sometimes.  Often, I feel like my to-do list is longer than I can accomplish in my set amount of time, and even when I do conquer it, I'm still woefully behind.

But meditation helps.  I like the Open Heart Project by Susan Piver.  Free videos come in my email a couple times a week, and they help me restore and maintain my senses.  Susan is easy to follow, gives clear instructions and something to think about as you meditate.  If you've never tried it before (as I hadn't) I highly recommend it.

I'm not affiliated with the Open Heart Project and Susan Piver doesn't know me at all, but I thought I'd pass it along to my blog friends and fellow creatives.  Now, before we hit the summer season, is a good time to take up a practice that gives us peace.

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