Recently, I've been doing a lot more painting with watercolors, which I'm really growing to love.  A while back I started by making a blue watercolor into a fabric called Adelaide - and now I've put it into my society6 store as well.  It looks lovely on all the products in there.

It is so lovely as a pillow, but it's the rug really tempts me!  I might have to get an Adelaide rug from Society6 and find someplace in my house to put it.  I'm sure I can find a spot!

Just as I was inspired to make a blue abstract, I made another.  This time it was in pink and purple hues, and worked less in strokes and more in soft washes of color.  I wanted it to look almost like flower petals.  This one is called Beth Rose and it's available in my society6 and coming soon to my spoonflower shop.  Above is the preview of it as a clock and below as a fabric.  I really love this one too!

beth rose watercolor

It's been nice to start working more with watercolors.  

Is it getting warm where you are yet?  Or if you're in the southern hemisphere, is it cool?  It's warm here, although the breeze makes it bearable.  I fear we're going to have a humid summer, because it's ramping up that way.  When I'm not painting these days, we've been doing housework, laying a new floor and painting the walls.  There are always plenty of projects for the weekend and I should get back to them.

Have a good weekend, friends.

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