Not too long ago I noted on here that I was taking some time off to get some writing done.  I got a good deal of work done, not just with writing, but in a lot of things.  There's a whole new pergo floor and gleaming white walls in one room, and I was happy to get it done before the summer weather broke over us.

But there was more to my break than just home improvement.  I am happy to announce that that time away paid off, because my first story will be published in August 2014!  My fairy tale, The Four Skilled Sisters, is a re-telling of the Grimms tale of The Four Skillful Brothers.  It will be featured in a fairy tale anthology by Spellbound, a part of Eggplant Productions.

The table of contents for the anthology was just announced publicly, so I thought I would share the good news.

I am really proud to be part of this publication.  I can't wait to see it all in print in August.  The anthology will be published in hardback and ebook.  Spellbound is a fantasy magazine for middle-grade readers.  Back issues are available for download at Amazon.

Thanks for all of your support in this!

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