No Deadlines, Just Progress

It's been a while, hasn't it, gentle readers?

Sorry for the radio silence as of late, but there's been a lot of work going on here. There still is. I'm not working toward a deadline for anything, just trying to make progress the best way I know how.

Moving is hard times. Selling a house is even more arduous. I'm sure that's no surprise to anyone out there, but it took over my life for a while. Don't worry - I got better. I'm back to working on more projects than before, and making good headway.

My downtime has been consumed by the new Star Wars The Old Republic expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire. It's a fun, episodic story that takes about nine hours to play the released content. It's a mostly solo story, which I appreciate, with an ability to group later on in the story. I've found it very compelling. My husband is consumed by Fallout 4, but I have yet to play. It is fun to watch him walk around the fallout destroyed version of Boston, seeing places that we both recognize and remember.

I've got so many plans for the last few weeks of this year, and I hate to set myself up for disappointment by revealing all before its ready. Rest assured, there's lots of new blogposts coming in the future. I haven't forgotten about this place while I've been so busy.

If you keep up with me on instagram, there's been a flood of new painting activity lately. It's one of the activities I missed sorely while I was engaged with other work. There's a lot more to come, and hopefully when each painting is done it will be uploaded to my Society6 store.

See you soon, friends!

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