Summer Break

Hi gentle readers,
It's time for summer break already! I know I haven't been around much this year and then I've come back only to tell you about a break, but hear me out.

It's been a long six months of 2016. I'm starting to feel like I say that about every year -- and that's not a good feeling. But anyway, I've done a lot, endured more than I would have liked and spent a good deal of time on the road. For all that this year has thrown at me, I've never stopped working. Writing is always going on, stories and poems revised, edited, rewritten and sent off with hope and a kiss for good luck. Painting often happens, and is mostly documented over on my instagram. Photos are taken all the time, submitted to magazines or entered into competitions. Fabric design was a refuge on the road. It was just me and whatever supplies I could carry, and my sketchbook. It's hard to keep traveling back and forth to places, hard on the soul, hard on the body. I've been sick more times than I care to remember this year.

But the work is always happening, even if I've been a little lax about posting here on the blog. Now it's summer, and I'm taking a little time to myself. Time to work on projects that aren't about work. Things that I've been wanting to do but just couldn't find the time between moving and working and life. It's summer break for a lot of publishers as well, and to tell you the truth, their break times inspired my own. Hopefully we'll all come back refreshed for fall and full of inspiration.

Summer break -- it's a really good idea. I hope your summer, however it is spent, is happy and fulfilling.

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