2016 so far

This year is flying by, friends. I cannot believe that we're already to the middle of March. It's been an incredibly busy year so far, both personally and professionally. I've got some good news to lead with -  first, if you haven't read my story "Purpose" published by Devilfish Review in January, you should. It's a free read.

Read "Purpose" here

It's definitely spring here! The picture above is called Splendor, and it's an old one, but I like how bright and colorful it is. I wish it was this lovely outside. 2016 could use a little more good stuff.

So onto more new stuff, besides having another story published, I've said goodbye to my etsy shop. It was a lot of fees for not a lot of profit, and though I am sad to leave the community, I hope to have more success on other places.

I'm almost finished with my new set of Lightroom Presets. They'll be for sale on my gumroad store. For now, check out what I already have up there and don't forget to download your FREE background wallpapers!

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