New frontiers in art

Space Art is something I just started exploring, but it's quickly becoming one of my favorite new areas.  I worked in photography mainly, but I always have wanted to do more illustration.  The beauty of space and my long standing interest meld for a perfect combination - especially when I am able to create art that actually looks like the gorgeous images of nebulae so often found online.

It's challenging in a new way.  I like being able to make star fields and colorful gas deposits, but I'm always pushing myself to do more, to make the art look and feel different.  Space is a ever-changing region, with stars forming and dying, and new (to us) places being discovered.  I'd like my work to evolve and reflect that dynamism.

Last night I picked up some new types of paper to use when I practice my work with oil pastels.  Michael's had a great buy one get one sale on notepads, and I got some black sheets that would lend themselves well to space art.  Here's to exploring space through another medium!

See my space art gallery on my website.