The calendar says it's spring now in my hemisphere, but the snow outside can't make up its mind if it wants to leave.  There's been rain and sunshine, wind cool enough to make the whole of the house cold, and temperatures so high you start to wonder what month it is.  My allergies declared it spring back in the middle of February, when my eyes began to itch and I found no quarter from the early pollen.

Spring slows me down and excites me.  I like the renewal of it, the bleakness giving way to color once again, a burst of bright hue after the monochrome of winter.  But physically I get tired and sidelined by bad allergies every year and dream of moving to the desert.  It's already taken a toll on my running - I am going for half miles instead of full ones to spare my lungs.

Even with its difficulties, I enjoy the season.  The days grow longer and sweeter, and just before the sultry kiss of summer there is a temperate reprieve that invites color and laughter back into our worlds.

"Begin" A spring print found in my Society6 store


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