Here's my first attempt at making a texture with words - Blushing.  I will try again, but for a first attempt, I am pleased with this.  It was made with watercolors and edited in Lightroom.

For whatever reason, the previews on the download are much darker than the file itself, so refer to this shot instead.  Blushing is a texture with bits of script around three edges, a little grit and an antique feel to it.

Blushing can be acquired through the purchase of my textures set Dramatis, through my etsy shop.

I used Blushing on my picture Wonder.  To add the texture, I used it twice, once as a soft light layer and then as a multiply layer on top of the other.  I rotated the second layer, to make it seem like there was more text in the piece.  Here's the result.


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