Using Spring Green

Here's an older picture of mine I used to demonstrate the texture I posted yesterday.  The picture is rather old - this is from when I first decided I wanted to be a photographer and was experimenting with my Pentax.  I rather liked the subject, this old statue in the ground, and it was taken at during springtime.

I desaturated the photo, then adjusted the opacity before adding the texture as a multiply layer.  Then I turned up the light so that the foreground wasn't too dark.  The texture is great for adding green and yellow spring tones as I did here, or can be good as an overlay to make the photo overall brighter.

I've made two more textures that are in various stages of drying.  There's another pastel texture and a watercolor.  I hope to make a total of five for this spring set, and I'll post them just as soon as they are ready.


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