This tiny picture is one of the few I have from a disposable camera I had a few years back.  I say a few years, but I think it was around the 2006-2007 era of time, when camera phones were a new thing and I still had a hot pink razr.  Ah, the not so long ago olden days!

The scene is New Hampshire, whereabouts, I can't remember.  What I do remember is getting this roll of film back and being very pleased with the results - I think this was my first serious foray into photography.  Not that I knew it at the time, I still had years to go in Human Resources and Payroll before a combination of factors would drive me towards another path.  This roll came out with quite a few good shots, most from the same day trip to New Hampshire.

When the film was processed, I got back prints and digital files.  I don't know where the prints are these days, but they might be around for scanning.  I've been remiss in organizing anything to do with film photography - especially old negatives and the like.  The photo above, I wound up editing the digital file when I got photoshop in 2009, and now I can't find the original.  I suspect it was on a laptop that died.

Still, it's wonderful to look back.  I haven't seen a disposable camera for a very long time now, but once they were all the rage.  I think I still have an old one around my office someplace, and I have no idea what would even be on it.

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