A Lighthouse and a Store

Here's a new picture I put up for sale - Chatham Lighthouse.  Chatham Light is a lighthouse that is still currently in use by the US Coast Guard.  I happened to catch it on a grey, blustery day and got this picture of it.

I put this up for sale in my society6 shop, and also in my new etsy shop.  After careful consideration, I started an etsy shop.  Back when I first started doing photography, I had an etsy shop but life got too busy for me to keep up with it and I closed it a few months later.  I was wary of restarting it, because the site has changed so much from what it was when I first used it back in 2007, and quite frankly, I find some of the new processes confusing.  But Etsy gets a wider audience than my other shop, so I thought it would be good to operate them both.

TL;DR - More people seeing my art = yay!  I started an etsy storefront.

Check out my new etsy shop!

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