Blur and Shadows

Here's an image I shot yesterday that I am playing around with editing.  This is two images layered on top of each other, with different blur and shadows.  They are of the same subject, but it was windy yesterday and the second shot was clearer than the first.

I like the way they work together, it makes the resulting image more interesting than either of the shots alone.

To achieve this image, not only did I layer two images, but I also used different coloring for both.  They weren't dramatically different, but enough to add shades of green and yellow to the leaves.

Yesterday was a miserable day, weather wise.  The humidity was choking - it was the kind of day that felt heavy, just because of the air.  I got out early in the morning, but the day was never clear.  Around three in the afternoon, it started to pour, and it didn't stop until this afternoon.  I didn't get as much done as I wanted to do, but I have some ideas of where I want to go the next time I have a free day to shoot.

Still, I was productive, and sometimes that is enough.

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