Inevitably, Spring Cleaning

There are times when I find it funny that in the past, I have been a well-organized person.  It was almost always at work and not in my personal space, but I had little need for it at home.  There were wonderfully color-coded file systems, and accounts that were always up to date.  There were databases and spreadsheets, and oh, how they used to make me so happy.

It is a little harder in my own space.

With that in mind, I've dedicated myself to spring cleaning.  Not just in my poor house, which I have been better about lately, but for myself and my business.  It's been something I've wanted to do for a while, but there will be changes coming, not just in the layout of this blog, but my website and store.  It just might take me a while to get it all done and find the right fit.  I feel like whenever I make a schedule for changes, life just laughs at my presumptuousness.

Whenever I get discouraged, I must remember that disorganization is the bane of creativity.  Nothing kills the spark like having to wade through mess to find your brushes, paint, etc.  With that in mind, let me get to cleaning.

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