Saturday Beach Wedding

Last Saturday I went to a beach wedding on this rocky little cove.  It was a beautiful backdrop.  This same friend did my hair for my wedding almost four years ago now.  Time simply flies, because it feels like it was just yesterday for me.  I was so happy for him!

The weather was wonderfully mild and warm after all the days of rain we've been having, and it descended into a breathtaking sunset just as we were leaving the ceremony.  I came home exhausted with sand between my toes and a smile on my face.  Spending an evening on a beach watching friends get married is one of the joys of summer.

This is Forty Steps Beach in Nahant, Massachusetts, but I forget whether or not it was actually forty steps to get down to the beach.  I counted!  But then I forgot, as I am prone to do when there are more important matters.  However many steps it took, it was worth it, because the small inlet is so scenic and lovely, I can imagine scores of people have been married there.

Since I was a guest and not the photographer, these were shot with my powershot - it fit neatly into my small bag.  My only complaint about the photos is that I didn't get more becfore we headed home!


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