Monday, Monday - every other day of the week is fine.  The Mamas and the Papas got that one right, Monday always comes too quickly and never fails to make its presence known.  After a weekend, especially one where I've been busy, Monday is the return to the organized chaos that I thought I tamped down the week before, only to find that it has grown wild and unruly in my absence.

This morning I woke up a little sick, I often have stomach troubles and eating rich wedding food yesterday got to me.  I skipped my trip to the gym this morning in order to put calamine on my new mosquito bites, and I swear they've multiplied since last night.  Then I went to my office and promptly started knocking things over with all the grace of an elephant on stilts, and got cardstock stuck in my printer and realized I was nearly out of ink.  My kitchen is a mess, and the house painting project I was working on last week is in dire need of another coat.  The days are getting away from me, I can't believe it's the middle of June already.

But I'm still feeling really good today.  Maybe it's all the wedding cheer I indulged in this weekend, or the feeling of being around friends while wearing a new hat.  Whatever it was, Monday isn't going to get me down this week.  In fact, I made this to share with you all, because today is our time to shine, even if it is a Monday.


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