Summer Lovin'

...having a blast!

That song always makes me smile, as do many of the other songs from Grease.  In high school, I was part of the stage crew that worked on Grease.  I think I moved props off during set changes, but I remember the performance itself - and the rehearsals more.  We wore white shirts and jeans, in a minimalist nod to a classic look that's withstood the ages.  Also, not to be very memorable as we hustled on and off stage.  That was tenth or eleventh grade, I can't remember correctly now.  It's funny how these things all get hazy after a while, but it was so important and exciting at the time.

Well, now that you know I was a theatre geek, I'll move right on.

The title did have something to do with the post, because I'm firmly in the throes of summer here, even though they are predicted all showers and thunder for this weekend.  It's been hot, and on occasion it's also been sunny, which is all one can hope for from this time of the year.  I've made a desktop wallpaper for you all, to celebrate the season.  Feel free to use it all year long, if you ever need a little piece of summer to warm your days.  Click the picture to be taken to the download.

This weekend I'm busy trying to finish a story, and doing some house painting if I'm feeling up to it.  My original high hopes had included going to New Hampshire to take a few photos, but I'm not feeling so hot.  I thought for a while I had overdone it at the gym because I had body aches that corresponded to my sore muscles.  This morning I  was sneezing and coughing to go along with it, and out came the cold medicine.  Combine that with an unfavorable weather report, and I think I'm in the for the weekend.  Which is always good for the state of my house.  Hopefully any sniffles will blow over in time to get some great July 4th photos!

Have a good weekend!


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