A Love For Mirrored Repeats

I've been doing more drawing for fabric recently, and I've discovered that I love freehand drawing patterns that look somewhat damask-y or rococo when using a mirrored repeat.  They're coming out in unexpected ways, and quite lovely in the previews.  It's exciting to get further into this facet of designing.

This is my Cecil design in the chocolate colorway.  I've been listening to Welcome to Night Vale and thought the oddly lovable voice of Night Vale, Cecil, was a great inspiration for making a pattern.  Since making Cecil, I've done a few more similar designs, but I haven't seen any of them printed on fabric yet.  Once I do, it depends on how they come out whether or not they will be for sale.

This one is Vena in the colorway Goldenrod.  I don't know why I named it Vena in the first place, but searching tells me that it's the name of a character in one of the classic Doctor Who (Sixth Doctor) episodes, Timelash.  I like Who well enough to call myself a Whovian, though I have seen much more RTD Who than classic.  Still, it's a lovely, elegant design that does well in repeat form, worthy of the Doctor Who-verse princess that shares its name.

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