Friday Stuff

Happy Friday!

I haven't had the chance to mention it before, but my work has been on a few other etsian blogs lately.  First on Jill's Kiln Fired Art blog.  She and I are both part of the Etsy Shop Owners Networking group, which has been a great place for me to get to know people.  Stop over and say hi sometime on the blog, I'm the Blog Coordinator over there.

Yesterday, another etsian,  Eco-Friendly Freckles featured my work on her blog.  My photo Overcast was part of her blog about photography.

Thanks so much for displaying my work!

My Society6 shop has free shipping on most items until midnight on August 11th.  Click here for the promo link to my shop.  S6 features my photography and space art on a variety of items, included mobile phone skins and cases and framed prints and laptop skins.

I've also started putting up my photography on  I find that I like the format a great deal, and it's a big community of photographers of all kinds.  I'm just beginning to look around, and free members are capped on how many photos a week they can upload, but I've managed to put a few up already.  Take a look at my work on 1x.

And lastly, I've put up some of my textile designs on spoonflower for sale.  I've got the widget on the right, but you can always click here to see my whole library of designs.  Right now I've got eight patterns for sale, but there is more to come soon!  Here's a snapshot of what a printed design of Bettina Black looks like in person.  I love that you can see the difference between the grey of the fabric and the black design so well.  This was my first hand drawn damask type repeat, and I love how it come out so much.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Thank you Ema for featuring my blog here! I love your gorgeous gray hand drawn damask design! You are a woman with many crafty talents! ;-)

    1. You are really too kind, my friend! Thank you so much for visiting.