Nebula 3

As the title says, this was the third nebula I ever painted.  I was ready to give up before I made this one, because the first two were so awful, but this came out much better.  I kept working in photoshop, trying desperately to make the painting look like an actual region of space.  For an early attempt, it's quite good and I am proud of it now.

I have been trying to organize my work into a more coherent file system, and so I get to revisit a lot of my older stuff.  Lately, I've been daunted by the idea of starting yet another new thing, so it's good to get some perspective.  There was a time when all of this was new to me, and I still went forward.

As I mentioned previously, I'd like to do more.  Right now the best evolution for my space art feels like learning to be more technically precise and getting into using Bryce, which I downloaded some time ago.  Recently, I've tried doing some illustration work in a commercial capacity and while I wouldn't say it was a complete failure, I certainly learned a lot about what kind of work I do and don't enjoy creating.

My space art needs to veer off into the more accurate, scientific and detailed work that I admire.  While retaining an element of fantasy is practically guaranteed in the genre, I would enjoy making art for textbooks, journals and concepts based in fact more than pure fantasy.  I like the illustrations in old biology books and the like, and want to create more with that inspiration.

It's good to have direction when you're out in space.

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