One of the issues between my stores that I've started addressing is the offerings.  My S6 store and etsy don't offer the same photos and I wanted to explain why.

I started my S6 store and quickly added work to it.  If you aren't familiar with Society6 at all, then here's what you need to know.  When you go to my link, you see all of my offerings.  When you search from the front page, you only see what has been put into the Society6 store.  Upon uploading a piece for sale, other members can place hearts on my work and promote it.  If it is promoted enough, it is let into the Society6 store.

That makes it difficult for me, because I can't predict if a piece is going to get a good response or not.  There's much more in my store than can be found from the links on the homepage.  When I started, it was a good option for me because I had no way of printing or storing stock in my home.

Etsy, on the other hand, is completely managed by me.  Every piece is available for sale and you see my whole store upon entering.  It came a few months after my S6 store, and has primarily photography.  This is because I'm most confident with my photo printing service and don't want to print illustration work until I am sure it will be done correctly.

At any rate, my etsy shop stocks some prints that may have been deleted from S6.  I wanted to make etsy a haven for my photographic work, and with the treasury system, you never know whom it might inspire.  The tagging works completely different on etsy, and it gives every piece a fair shot at being seen, even if you never visit my store directly.

Even so, there are a few photos available on S6 still that never made it to etsy.  The most likely cause for this is my own fault - switching computers.  I got a faster computer with a 2TB storage drive, and I moved most of my artwork over.   Most of it.  Society6 has one upload and I'm done, their printers handle the rest of the printing and resizing.  I like to print from a full sized file and do my own resizing (especially for large format photos), so I have to dig through the archives and find a few of the photos that I missed when I switched over.

All that means is there are a few "new" old images coming to my etsy shop that have been in my S6 shop for a while.  The above "The Devil's Isle's", is one of them.  The Devil's Isle's is an old name for Bermuda, where this dreamy scene was shot.  It's long been available on S6 and I am happy to finally be getting it on etsy.

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