Society6 has been expanding its offerings as of late, and I wanted to share with you the new mugs.  This mug is mine, from my painting of the Orion nebula called Orion Snapshot.  I haven't bought a mug yet, so I am not sure how it looks in person, but it looks great in the preview.

I'm trying to get back in the space art groove here, after focusing (no pun intended) on photography for so long.  Hopefully I will get a lot done this weekend and have new items on both Etsy and Society6.  For you fabric fans, I've done a new print called Victory in two different colorways over on Spoonflower.

Society6 must be getting in gear for the holidays this year - and I need to catch up!   In addition to mugs there's new tote bags and all of the older offerings - pillows, laptop skins, phone cases, etc.  Have a look!


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