Happy Thanksgiving!

The end of November is a good time to reflect and start thinking about the year ahead - I can't believe we are almost to 2014.  It seems like not so long ago, I was just getting used to writing 2013!  But that's the way time goes, slow and then all at once.

As an extra special thank you, use the code GRATEFUL13 for 20% off all orders over $8.00 USD in my etsy shop until December 7, 2013.

Speaking of change, I've been growing.  My shop will now have a new sale section and I'm making my editing tools available to the public.  Starting on November 29, 2013, my own collection of Lightroom Presets and Artistic Textures for editing photos will be on sale.

I'm still giving away a set textures and presets to a lucky winner on my blog.  Go here to enter.

Happy Thanksgiving (or just Thursday if you aren't American)!

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