Preview: Sweater Weather

It's just warming up outside in my part of the country, but in some places of the world, it's Sweater Weather.  Which also happens to be the name of my new preset for Lightroom, previewed here.

I'm working on a new set of presets for Lightroom, a set that brings out the best of each season.  Naturally, you can take your photos any time of the year you want, but these will bring out the best colors for each particular season.  They work well on faces and portraits too!

This is a preview of Sweater Weather, a preset from the autumnal range of colors.  It highlights the warmth in fall, and makes the greens a little more yellowed as opposed to the blue tones green can have in spring.  It adds contrast, sharpens and brings a little tiny vignette to the edges of the photo.

Another example:

Sweater Weather is great, don't you agree?  I can't wait to share the full set with you all!

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