There's so much going on right now in my house, but I'm still working to put up some new pieces for sale.   Meet Sophisticate, available in my Society6 store.

Sophisticate is available for purchase as a print or accessories in my Society6 store.

So this is a fun piece that I painted a while back. I wanted to make something that had a more limited palette than I normally worked with, but that still had movement and life behind it.  I came up with this piece, and I've been calling it a modern abstract.  It just has a very modern feel to me, and I think it would work great in an apartment in the city or an office.

This is also the first time that I've used a painting to make leggings available, and I have to say, I love the preview.

Aren't they lovely?  But if leggings aren't your thing, there's always the phone case (or wall clock or rug or laptop skin, etc) available too.

I'm really loving the way this looks on the products.

A while back I wrote about wanting to move to be closer to family.  That day is slowly creeping up on me, and I am so excited.  Right now I'm working to make my house ready for sale.  No one wants a long sale period, so keep me in your thoughts so that we have a smooth sale and closing by this fall.
It can be so hard to keep going when the people you love are so far away.  I know that the distance has taken its toll on me.  There are some people that like living far away, and for years that was a good choice for me, so I could grow into the person I needed to become.  But as I am getting a little older, I'd like to be closer.  I don't see my nieces and nephew as often as I'd like.  My brother is tall and all arms and legs and gives the best hugs.  My sister is elegant and witty and tells jokes in the best deadpan.  I feel the lack of their presence in my soul.  It's time for me to explore a new city, have new experiences in a part of the country I haven't seen in many years, but is still familiar to me.

So even though my house is full of boxes and all the little things that need fixing seem magnified as more and more people come to look at my house and help prepare it for listing, I am full of joy.  My work fills my life with beauty and it will only be boxed up for a little while so I can bring it to a new home.

Thank you for sharing in my joy!

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