There are times when I just really love the way the color red stands out in a photograph.  There's something about capturing the various shades of red in all of their glory that can take the breath away.

More Montreal pictures, because there was so much wonderful red in the city.  Though I wouldn't list red as my favorite color, I do love the vibrancy of it, the way that cool blue reds are sophisticated and chic and the way orange reds are lively.  Pink red is fun and passionate when deep and pretty when pale like not quite ripe strawberries.  Red is bold, and I always like bold color.

Color can be hard to capture correctly, and red can be especially tricky.  It can feel too bright or bold in a photo, or too dull.  As hard as it can seem, all that's needed is practice and good color calibration on your monitor.  When the reds in my photos seem too off, I try to start looking at the background colors more and adjusting so that it becomes more harmonious with the reds.   The eyes are drawn to red, so it's important to get the color to a place where you like it when editing.

What colors do you like to photograph?  How do you work with a bold color like red?

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