Slush Pile: Beach Day

This is an older photo of mine that I don't think I've ever edited before.  I like to go through my older pictures and just see what's there.  Something I might have hated back when I took it can look completely different to me once some time has passed.

I like the sharpness in the details of this photo.  I think it comes out pretty well, even though I know I didn't do it on purpose.  This was taken back in 2009 with my old Pentax camera.  I still have the Pentax, it's my backup camera these days.  While this is a lovely image, I don't remember it at all.  When I dug through my files, I found it and thought, oh that's not bad at all.

Sometimes I just don't remember the shot or why I skipped over  it.  But it's almost summer and every photo should have its day to be shown.  Enjoy the beach, especially if it's actually warm where you live.  It's definitely warm here today!

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